Who We Are

Spice Merchant Cardiff is an online platform that brings together Chefs in the United Kingdom who have specialized in exquisite cuisines from all around the world. It’s a platform that allows both professional chefs and aspiring chefs to showcase their uniquely created delicacies and market their skills to restaurant owners. In essence, through this platform we are able to link restaurant owners with chefs who are available for one off events or full time employment.

We only enlist chefs who have specialized in traditional delicacies from all over the world from Italian to French to Spanish to Indian to Chinese and even African dishes. The idea is to enable restaurant owners give their guests a taste of home and through the Spice Merchant Cardiff platform, they can be able to identify and sign up the chef for the job.

This website is also an information resource platform for restaurant owners as we will share very educative content on ideas you can use to make your restaurant stand out more. We don’t just want to link you with amazing chefs but also help you create an environment where the chef can thrive.

We welcome you to take this amazing journey of discovery with us as we give you a glimpse into some of the most exquisite cuisines from around the world.

Rufus Routh

Founder – Spice Merchant Cardiff