5 Ways to Market Your Restaurant through Events

We have extensively covered the idea of marketing restaurants through events as a way of creating more visibility and brand awareness for the restaurant among potential customers and we feel it’s time we got into a bit of specifics on what you can do. This is because it’s not just enough to host an event you have to be strategic in the way you do it to reap the maximum benefits.

We are therefore going to share with you 5 ways you can market your restaurant through events.

1 Ensure that the event resonates with your restaurant’s identity

You must always keep in mind that not all events will benefit your restaurant therefore you must be strategic in the kinds of events you choose to host by going for events that will help promote your business. For instance, the event being hosted must be one whereby your hotel’s menu can be served because the whole point of doing it is enabling potential customers to have a taste of what you offer.

2 Allow your chef an opportunity to shine

For many restaurants, the chef is usually the image of the restaurant as it’s their ability to prepare really amazing cuisines together with their personality that will help attract customers to the restaurant. It’s therefore a good idea for you to ensure that the chef gets an opportunity to interact with guests at the event and help sell the restaurant as the go to place for fine dining.

3 Create an identity for your restaurant

You must ensure that your team is on hand to guarantee that any responsibilities your restaurant takes up in the execution of the event is well taken care of and they are on standby to handle any extra logistical work that may end up falling on their hands. When your team proves very reliable during the event it will help cement your identity as a reliable brand and this is a quality that customers appreciate.

4 Hype the event through your restaurant’s platforms

When you get an opportunity to host an event, it’s not a good idea to just sit on the sidelines and let the event organizers to handle the work of hyping the event. This is a good opportunity for you to get some brand recognition therefore you must use your various online and offline channels to hype the event and ensure your restaurant’s brand is associated with the event.

5 Take part in the conversations

During and after the event, you must ensure that your communications and marketing team are part of the conversations about the event that are going on both online and offline. The idea is to capitalize on the visibility of the event to make your brand visible as well. Ensure that all the conversations your team is engaged in are geared towards driving more traffic into your restaurant even after the event is over.

Being able to fully capitalize on an event to convert new customers requires a very strategic approach and proper planning. Sometimes it’s a good idea to bring in a consultant if you lack the requisite expertise within your organization and use the opportunity to strengthen your team’s capacity to handle future events of that nature.